Unposed Family Session on a Farm | The Egan’s

If you’ve been thinking about getting a family photo session done but aren’t a fan of the usual posed shots, you’ll really enjoy the Egan family’s session in rural Oregon. The focus was on highlighting the love within the family, capturing moments of happiness, and appreciating the beauty found in everyday life. We captured genuine, relaxed, and authentic shots that were naturally unposed, candid, and real. This is such a sweet family and a wonderful day.


Brittany, a fellow photographer, was excited about an adventure-style session on their property, and I loved the idea. Although it took some time for her adorable daughters to warm up to me, their sweet smiles emerged as they started snuggling. I appreciated the closeness they shared. This session truly filled my creative family photo bucket. I cherished the micro-moments, such as the little hands feeding the horses, the curiosity in the kids’ eyes, and the beautiful chaos that unfolds with them.

Unposed, candid family sessions capture the unfiltered moments that define your family—laughter, quirks, shared glances, and beautiful chaos. Unlike traditional, posed portraits, these photos freeze genuine interactions, creating timeless memories with a deeper resonance. Embracing the unscripted allows families to revisit pictures and connect with who they were in those fleeting moments, celebrating the imperfectly perfect aspects that make each family unique. You can preserve raw and genuine connections, unfolding a sincere and warm story.


I’m excited to do more adventurous family sessions like this one! If you’re feeling inspired and looking to prioritize your family photos this season, reach out to me here. Let’s get you on the calendar. If you want something even more intimate, check out this In-home Newborn Family Photo Shoot with the Heberts! To keep up with my current work, head to my Instagram, where I post wedding and family content regularly.

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