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Welcome to the heartwarming in-home newborn family photo shoot with the Hebert family. Surrounded by cozy textures, this special occasion brought an abundance of snuggles and tender moments. The day was filled with joyous laughter and an embrace of new beginnings. As we captured every little detail, it was evident that this total girl family, was celebrating the arrival of their precious little one. With an intimate atmosphere that radiated warmth and happiness, the Hebert’s embraced the beauty of their growing family, creating memories to be cherished for life.


Let me tell you about Madison and her wonderful family! Madison is one of my closest friends. When she asked me to capture these precious moments for her, I couldn’t say no. It’s incredible how our husbands and kids have also formed their own bond over the years. Our friendship blossomed when Madison was expecting her first baby girl around six years ago. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing their family on numerous occasions, from those early family photos to stunning maternity shots as their family expanded.

This family holds a special place in my heart. It has been an absolute joy to witness their journey alongside mine as we navigate the rollercoaster of parenthood. Madison’s strength and determination were inspiring when she opted for a beautiful home birth. When I arrived a few days later to do their photos, she was just glowing. Her radiant smile lit up the room. It was clear that her daughters were equally thrilled to be part of the photo session. Oh, and we can’t forget about Nick, Madison’s husband. He has proudly earned the title of a “total girl dad” and embraced every moment of this journey with unwavering love and support.

It’s moments like these that make me grateful for the friendships and bonds that form within our own families. Watching Madison’s daughters grow alongside my children has been an incredible experience. One filled with laughter, shared milestones, and the occasional chaos with raising kids. As we captured their in-home newborn family photo shoot, it was a reminder of the beautiful connections we’ve forged throughout the years.

newborn family photo shoot


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newborn family photo shoot
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