Vacation Family Photos in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Our families have been friends for over five years, and this October, we enjoyed a wonderful trip to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico together. I had the pleasure of taking their vacation family photos. My son even hopped into a few shots with them, which I thought was pretty cute. I’ve been capturing moments for The Hebert family since their oldest was a baby. Not too long ago, my previous session with them was an in-home newborn family photo shoot when their youngest was just an infant. It’s heartening to witness the growth and evolution of their family through these precious moments; time truly does fly.


The Hebert family chose a charming Mexico-inspired backdrop instead of the typical beach scene, and I absolutely loved it. We discovered this quaint spot in the city that was peaceful, with very few people around. Despite an unexpected turn in the weather with cloudy skies (after days of beautiful sun), we decided to proceed with the photo shoot. With just about 15 minutes on our side, we worked swiftly and captured some fun moments. To conclude the session, we enjoyed a visit to a nearby local ice cream shop.

Lately, I’ve found so much inspiration in unposed family sessions. There’s something magical about capturing the genuine essence of your family, those candid moments that truly reflect your unique bond, creating intimacy and warmth. I recently had the pleasure of doing an unposed family session on a farm, and everything was brought to life in the very best way! The beauty of unposed sessions lies in their authenticity and the unexpected, sweet moments that unfold naturally.


Booking a vacation family photo shoot is a practical choice that ensures you capture genuine moments during your trip. It’s about exploring your destination and letting the kids be kids. Candid shots during these activities become lasting memories filled with laughter and love. It’s not just about having photos; it’s a simple and authentic way to remember the enjoyable times spent together as a family.

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