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For so many reasons! Here are just a few:
  • Professionalism: They show that your organization is well-organized and takes its mission seriously, which can instill trust in donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders.
  • Personal Connection: People are more likely to connect with a non-profit's mission when they can see the faces behind the organization. Headshots humanize the organization, making it more relatable and approachable. They want to see YOU!
  • Brand Consistency: When all promotional materials, including websites, brochures, and social media profiles, feature consistent imagery, it reinforces your identity and message.
  • Storytelling: A well-crafted branding image can capture the essence of stories, making it easier to convey your organization's mission and engage supporters.
  • Fundraising: When potential donors or grant-making organizations visit your organization's website or promotional materials, compelling images can inspire them to contribute to the cause.
  • Volunteer Recruitment: Images of staff and volunteers attract individuals who want to get involved. When people see happy, engaged individuals in the organization's photos, they may be more inclined to volunteer their time and skills.
  • Social Media Engagement: Social media platforms are powerful tools for non-profits to connect with their audience. High-quality images are more likely to be shared and engaged with on social media, helping to spread your organization's message.
  • Media Relations: When dealing with the media, having professional headshots and branding images readily available can make it easier for journalists to cover the organization's activities and stories.

why is it important for non-profits to have professional, high quality images?

I'm Josie, a photographer based in Tri-Cities, WA and I am on a mission to provide free, high-quality images to local non-profits!


1. What is the purpose of Josie & Co Photography's offer?
My aim is to support non-profit organizations by providing them with professional headshots and branding images of the highest quality, completely free of charge. I want to help non-profits enhance their visual identity and communication efforts.

2. Who is eligible to receive these complimentary images?
Non-profit organizations with a valid 501(c)(3) status or equivalent in their country are eligible to participate in this program.

3. How many images will a non-profit receive?
Each participating non-profit can receive up to 100 meticulously edited, high-quality images that meet their branding and promotional needs.

4. How are the images delivered?
I provide all images through a secure online gallery, making it easy for you to access and download the images at your convenience.

5. Is there any cost involved?
No, there is absolutely no cost associated with my services. The images are provided to non-profits entirely free of charge.

6. Why is a contract required?
A contract is required to ensure clarity and transparency in our collaboration. It outlines the terms of our service, your usage rights, and our commitment to delivering high-quality images.

7. What does the contract cover?
The contract will specify the scope of the photoshoot, usage rights granted to your organization, timelines, and any other important details to ensure a smooth and mutually beneficial partnership.

8. What's the typical timeline for receiving the images?
The timeline can vary based on my availability and the complexity of your project. During the consultation, we will work with you to establish a timeline that aligns with your organization's schedule. My goal is provide images back within four weeks.

9. Can non-profits request specific styles or themes for the images?
Absolutely! We aim to customize the images to match your organization's branding and style. During the consultation, we will discuss your preferences and ensure the images align with your vision.

10. How can non-profits express their appreciation for this generous offer?
While not obligatory, I always appreciate testimonials, referrals, or mentions on your organization's website or social media platforms. Your support helps me continue offering this service to non-profits in need.

11. How do non-profits request this service?
To request the free headshot and branding image service, please fill out this contact form. I will schedule a quick, phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and begin the contract process.

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